CMA Commercial Dishwashers Sales & Services

When you buy CMA Dishmachines by Ridgway Industries, you are not only assured of dishwashers that will give you years of trouble-free use, you are also entitled to a host of free services. For instance, if your restaurant is within 70 miles of our location at zip code PA 19050, we will install your CMA commercial dishwasher for free. In addition, we provide free monthly and quarterly maintenance and cleaning of dishmachines. We also offer 24/7 servicing to ensure that any problems that may occur with your dishmachines are quickly fixed before they become more serious. Ridgway Industries is a proud authorized distributor and service representative of CMA Dishmachines. We offer a full line of low and high temperature and “E” rated machines that we offer at the lowest price. Ridgway Industries offers CMA commercial dishwashers at the lowest price. If you are interested in buying CMA Dishmachines by Ridgway Industries, we invite you to visit our online store at

Some of our most popular models include:

* CMA E-AH-EXT Extended Door Single Rack Low Temperature Straight Dishwasher
* CMA CB-2L Double Rack Low Temperature Left Door Configuration Corner Dishwasher
* CMA E-C-EXT Extended Door Single Rack Low Temperature Corner Dishwasher